The Ultimate Guide to Building Wealth Young

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“The easiest yet most beneficial book you will ever read as a young entrepreneur. The colorful pictures made it easy to follow and all of the financial knowledge is broken down into sections. Loved the links to all the sources! ” – Darien Smith

The Ultimate Guide To Building Wealth Young is an e-book dedicated to those who’d like to build wealth in every aspect of their life. Distractions, ego, lack of knowledge, low salary jobs, and poor spending habits are the main reasons why the majority of people in this nation settle for less. Frankly speaking, you can either spend a lifetime working hard at an unfulfilling job that creates stress, unhappiness, and no future, or you can spend a lifetime working smart, having fun, helping others, and most of all, creating a legacy. It all starts with a mindset for success.

You must first envision yourself living in a world of financial freedom before actually achieving this goal. Once you convince yourself that you are worthy of this kind of life, the rest will come easy.

***PERKS*** After filling out the worksheets in Section 7 you will be eligible to enter into my 30 Day Give Away! This is a monthly contest designed to motivate you into taking action with you life. What’s the prize? M-O-N-E-Y of course. If you are picked as the winner you will receive $100 towards your new promising career. We will also set up a chat on Google Hangouts to discuss any and all questions you may have regarding your next steps to financial freedom.

I’m rooting for you, make yourself proud! 😉

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Wealth Young

by Jasmin Rhia


Section 1: Know Your Worth

Section 2: The Power of Now

Section 3: Be Your Own Boss

Section 4: Budget Planner

Section 5: Simple Investing

Section 6: The Laptop Lifestyle

Section 7: Take Action

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15 reviews for The Ultimate Guide to Building Wealth Young

  1. Derrick

    So dopeee! Sharing this to all my friends in College who need to make extra cash. I really enjoyed learning about all the freelance work out there. All the links made it easy for me to get started right away too!

  2. Anisa

    Wedding photographers can make $2000 an hour?! Where have I been?

  3. Britt

    Yassss! Such an easy read and the pictures made learning about money actually kinda fun. I’m about to start freelancing next semester.

  4. Deshaunda

    Deeeeeep. I never knew why I was drawn to want to buy everything all the time. Turns out we been programmed sense we were babies man. 2018 my resolution is to finally save $. Thanks Jas!

  5. terrell

    Know your own worth…my fav section of this book because if we dont believe we deserve a better life, how can we even want to succeed out here

  6. sarah

    lmaooo. I always thought those brand ambassadors actually worked for the company!!! It’s basically like modeling. So much gems in this book my life has changed

  7. sarah

    lmaooo. I always thought those brand ambassadors actually worked for the company!!! It’s basically like modeling. So much gems in this book my life has changed

  8. stew

    i hate reading…but this book wasn’t so bad. Worth the price and the links got me setup right away.

  9. Laura

    I hope I win that $100! I wanna start a blog that teaches young girls how to love themselves. Mine as well get started while I still live at home. Section 5 was my favorite

  10. jimmy504

    now i know why they say “knowledge is power”…best book I have read in a long time. no more wasting life on social media when i can be working towards my goals. the laptop lifestyle is what I want to live! $$

  11. cindy

    Best black friday sale purchase. Finally bought something thats actually an investment for my future. Passing this book to all my friends and family

  12. Ryann

    I got this book because I can only work part time at an actual job. I have a young child to take care of. I got a copy of this book to help me earn more money from home. There is a list in this book of different sites you can use to make money from home. I already use fiverr. I didn’t realize their was so many other sites. I have already started signing up to them.

    I also like the part in the book that teaches you ways to save money. “When you spend less, you have more to invest”. This book teaches you to find the best prices on anything before you buy something. It lists sites that can help you save money from and invest money on.
    I enjoyed all the tips and tricks in this book. I recommend it to everyone. Anyone can benefit from this book to save and earn some extra money.

  13. John Base

    I got this only because I wanted to know what it said. I actually found it a great read. Very fun to read and enlightening.

  14. Rex

    WOW! WOW!! wow!!!
    This is definitely the best investment I have made in a very long time! Chapter 2 which talked about “The power of now” was definitely speaking to my soul! Now I can manage my time more efficiently and move on to greater things.
    Thanks Jasmin!!! Thank you for this.

  15. Dawn

    This book is really one of the best guides I’ve read. It’s clearly illustrated, very informative and direct to the point. I love that the author has put references and related images in every page so it doesn’t bore you. It also has a lot of very helpful advices, from freelancers, building resumes down to bad habits that make people ineffective. I highly recommend this to young and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. It has all the essentials that will guide you to succeed and get closer to your goals.

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