Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche


In order to live the laptop lifestyle to the fullest, I recommend creating a blog that will pay you a handsome salary from the jump. How can you predict that your blog will make you a ton of money? First things first, you gotta find a good niche! 

niche [nich]

1. Pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal: niche advertising.

Said in another way, a niche is your unique area of focus when it comes to choosing the main topic for your blog. Instead of creating a site where you talk about any and everything under the sun, you must be sure to only choose one topic to focus on. How do you figure out which topic to choose? There are a few ways to go about this, all depending on the purpose of your online pressence. If you are not only interested in making money online, but want your blog to be a reflection of your interests, I suggest you do some serious self-reflection. What are your strengths? What comes naturally to you? What do you feel passionately about? What can you talk about for hours and hours? If you want to unlock your greatest potential towards building a successful online presence, you should make a list of all the possible areas in which you could center your site around. Be sure to take into consideration any areas that you are interested in learning, but currently lack expertise in.

For example: Suzy is currently learning how to speak Spanish fluently. A few months ago she did some serious research on how to learn the language more efficiently. Although she’s taken Spanish courses throughout her high school and college years, she has yet to figure out a way to speak the language conversationally, until now. Aside from testing out many of the awesome recommendations of programs, products, etc. Suzy has also created a system where she uses various techniques that help her speak the language with confidence.

Ding ding ding!!!! Sounds like Suzy has got herself a niche! Based off of her experience in learning conversational Spanish, there is a plethora of content that Suzy can use in order to start her new blog site. She could write reviews on the best language programs to use as well her favorite Apps, books, courses, etc. She could also create her own “How To Learn Conversational Spanish” eBook or online course explaining the many different ways she has mastered the art and science of learning spanish fluently. She could also create a forum on her site where people could converse with one another in spanish for practice. The options are truly endless for Suzy.


Picking a Niche of Sentimental Value

1. Identify the talents, skills, or interests you currently have

2. Out of the above, what would you enjoy writing about most?

3. Out of the talents, skills, and interest you enjoy doing, what do people need help with the most?

4. Based off of the above needs, what will people pay decent money for?

Make a list of all the possible career choices that line up with your strengths and interests and compare them to what’s in popular demand for a specific group of people. Please keep in mind that what your audience cares about is how you’re going to help them with your site. Get creative and be sure to do  thourough research on your desired topic.


Choosing a Niche For Pure Profit

If you are interested in making tons of money with your blog but could care less about picking a niche of sentimental value, follow the steps below for maximum earning ability!

1. Create a niche that people are searching for

2. Choose a niche that NOBODY is talking about

3. Choose a niche where people actually BUY stuff online

With millions of niches to choose from, picking one with low competition is a sure way to make your blog stand out. After you create a Google AdWords account, you should use the Keyword Planner tool to make sure your desired niche is a good choice based off of the results. What’s a good standard to follow? Try picking a niche that has no less than 1,000 searches per month, but no more than 50,000 searches per month. Be sure to get creative when researching your niche. You’d be surprised at the many foreign topics out there that people are actively interested in finding more about. Why not be a popular resource for them?



The best advice I can give you when trying to decide on a niche is to not stress out. Don’t keep yourself up at night obsessing about the perfect niche to start off with. After doing your research (which should only take a day or two) you gotta just go for it! After all, you could always start a new blog if your first choice doesn’t work out the way you imagined. In order help you get started picking your niche, below are a few videos that easily explain the process. Happy researching!

“How To Start A Profitable Blog Step By Step For Beginners”

“How To Find Profitable Niche Markets Online To Make Money From”

“How To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords”


Wishing you success and happiness,



The Laptop Lifestyle

How To Live The Laptop Lifestyle


Would you like the freedom of working from home in your underwear? Does sipping something tropical on a gorgeous island overlooking the ocean sound like the ultimate office space? If your answered “yes” to any of these questions, I want to congratulate you. As of today you are one step closer to living the laptop lifestyle my friend!  It’s no secret that earning income while you sleep is the absolute best way to gain wealth. This type of job allows you to focus on the precious things in life such as spending time with your loved ones, traveling the world, volunteering, and making a true difference in the world. If your heart is in the right place, money can certainly buy more happiness.

In case you haven’t heard, creating a blog is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn a handsome salary. Thanks to the internet gold rush thousands of people are choosing to work smart instead of hard!  What is most amazing about this field is that there is no such thing as competiton when it comes to the world wide web. Fact is, millions of people around the world are constantly typing their thoughts and questions into search engines on the daily. Why not get paid to be one of the websites that pop up as one of the results? All that is required to start earning money online is a good niche, a blog, and a well thought out marketing plan. Below are a few examples of how much money a blogger can make.

Example #1: 100,000 Pageviews A Month, 3 Years Experience 

Example #2: 300,000 Pageviews A Month, 4.5 Years Of Experience

Example #3: 4,000,000 Pageviews A Month Food Blogger

Pretty impressive figures am I right? It might take a while to see the same amount of success but wouldn’t making just $40,000 a year doing whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want be life changing? With anything new, you gotta start somewhere. If you pick a good niche, create good content, stay persistent, sell a product or service, and effectively market your brand, the opportunities are truly endless.

Steps To Creating a Successful Blog


Step 1: Sign Up For a Web Host

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or blog on to the Internet. It powers your site and if necessary troubleshoots it whenever there is an issue. Although there are free web hosting companies out there, they are often unreliable and load your content at a much slower rate.  If you want your visitors to have a pleasant experience while visiting your site, I recommend starting with cheapest package on It’s only $3.95 a month!

(You can write this off on your taxes by the way).

Step 2: Pick Your Domain Name

By signing up for Bluehost, you will also get a free domain name for a year! Before you finalize your domain name be sure to do the following:

  • Pick a domain name that is either fun, has a ring to it, or is easy to remember ex:

  • Pick a domain name that has a key word that people often search for ex: “Financial Freedom”

  • Pick a domain name that is short rather than long. Bad ex:

  • Pick a domain name that ends with .com, .org, or .net

  • Ask your most trust-worthy friend what they think of the name

Jot down a few names off the top of your head and then test them out on Google to see if they are already in use. Don’t waste to much time searching however, instead go to Bluehost to see what’s available. After you select the basic hosting plan and sign up for only $3.49/month, you can enter your FREE Domain name! If your desired name is taken, think of some more! Bluehost also gives you suggestions as to what’s available, just steer clear of anything totally random.

Step 3: Hosting Options Package

Once you have picked your package and created your domain name, you will be asked to choose additional options for your account. Domain Privacy Protection blocks anyone from knowing who owns your site. In order to NEVER lose your work, you may want to select The Site Backup Pro for only $1.99 a month. WordPress also provides many free plug-ins that backup your data. Don’t bother with the other options because they are unnecessary.

Step 4: Install WordPress

After doing some serious research on the absolute best platform to use when creating a blog, WordPress took the cake!  It’s most likely the most popular publishing platform because of it’s simplicity. You don’t have to be a computer wiz to learn how to manage your blog. WordPress is super easy to set up and extremely user-friendly. You can customize everything on your blog from it’s theme to it’s SEO with the help of online tutorials.

After signing up with your web host, go back to Bluehost and click on “login” located at the top right of the screen. Click the “cpanel” tab under “hosting” and check your email for the credentials you’ve created.



Pick where you’d like to install WordPress. This is the domain name you

originally picked in step 2.


Next choose your WordPress login information.

Keep the box checked for “Automatically create a new database for this installation”.

Step 5: Pick A Professional Theme

If you need help in choosing a free professional theme for your blog,

I recommend using any one of the following:





Newsmag Lite

Step 6: Edit Your Blog Site

There are TONS of Youtube videos dedicated to teaching you how to create posts, pages, categories, menus,  use widgets, etc. Watch an awesome introduction to WordPress below.


Step 7: Make Money With Your Site


The main ways to make money blogging are:

  • When someone clicks on an ad (CPC ads like Google Adsense)
  • When someone clicks on your banner add (CPM)
  • Selling someone else’s product through an affiliate program
  • Consulting opportunities
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Selling your own products such as an eBook, photos, artwork, online course, or workout program.
  • Getting payed to publish a sponsored post from another blogger
  • Getting hired by a company to be their brand ambassador
  • Getting hired for public speaking gigs
  • When a larger site wants to buy your site

Step 8: Filing a DBA (Doing Business As)

If you are planning to sell anything on your site such as a product or service, it is important that you understand the legal side of things. If your plan is to ONLY make money by referring your readers to products (AKA affiliate marketing), you do not need to complete this step. However, if you’re planning to sell your very own products or services and are NOT using your full name as your domain name, you must file a DBA form. This is so the IRS understands where you are receiving your income from. Please don’t try to be slick by skipping this crucial step. Always remember, if you want to make the REAL big bucks, you gotta play by the rules 😉

  1. Plan a visit to your local county clerk’s office or agency in your state that handles DBA registrations. Before you do so be sure to give the Small Business Administration a call to ask a few questions regarding your business. Ex: Can I run an online business from my home? Do I need to file a DBA? What are the requirements for me to do so?

  2. After submitting the required forms and paying the small fee, you must publish information about your new DBA in at least one local newspaper for at least four weeks. This can be done online in most states.

  3. Consider getting a P.O. Box online for you business address. This is so your personal information isn’t just wandering around. You can apply for a P.O. Box online through UPS. The price depends on the box size and length of contract.

  4. Consider getting an EIN(Employer Identification Number) for free here. It’s equivalent to your Social Security Number and eliminates you spreading your personal identification around on various business documents.

  5. Set up a separate bank account using the name of your business. ex: “”.  If you’re looking for a recommendation Capital One Spark Business is nice because there are no fees or monthly limits on transactions. Keep in mind that they only operate online however.

  6. Set up a PayPal Account for your business.

Step 9: Build an Audience

Contrary to belief, you don’t have to have thousands of friends on FB in order to make money on the internet. Just follow these 5 simple principles below in order to quickly build an audience!

  • Write solid content from experience and share your personal opinions and stories
  • Create a consistent publishing schedule. Write at least one post per week.
  • Build a supportive community by posting on material your readers actually want.
  • Guest post on popular blogs in your niche. You should form a relationship with these bloggers before reaching out to them via email by commenting on their sites and sharing their posts on social media.
  • Comment on larger blogs in your niche and be sure to leave a link-back to your site.


Step 10: Stay Focused and Stick With It

The best advice I can give you when starting your online career is “no hurry, no pause”. Don’t add the unnecessary stress of trying to make a ton of money within these next few months of your blog launch. Why taint the true potential of a promising career? Be smart and be nice to yourself. Think of the laptop lifestyle like “The Tortoise and the Hare” race. If you come busting out the gate like a crazy person, you WILL burn out. I don’t necessarily advise you taking a slow approach because that leaves too much room for procrastination…Find a happy medium! In order to keep a steady balance I recommend that you keep your day job in the beginning. The beauty about the laptop lifestyle is that it offers complete flexibility. Many entrepreneurs will tell you that we have 80 hours of work in us per week. I can certainly confirm this myself! If you use your free time wisely you will be able to keep tabs on your progress while still paying your bills on time. Until you start making more money with your blog than you currently make at your day job, do not quit. I repeat, DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. Furthermore, don’t create a bunch of websites every time you think of a good niche. This will stretch you thin and you will most likely fail in misery. It is so important to focus on one idea at a time. Once your first site becomes a steady 6 figure success, you can feel free to move on to the next idea. Just don’t get crazy 😉


Laptop Lifestyle = Financial Freedom

Think back to how you were living and what you were doing 3 years ago for work. Were you happy? Debt-free? Satisfied with the flexibility of your schedule? Excited about the future? Now envision where you’d like to be 3 years from now. Are you traveling the world? Driving your dream car? Buying your first home? Making the world a better place? These are the type of questions we must ask ourselves in order to understand where we currently are and where we want to be. As individuals we have the power to do and receive any and everything we have ever dreamed of. Long ago I decided that punching-in for the rest of my life in order to make “a decent living” was just not for me. I’ve always wanted to help change lives on a grander scale and in order to do this I knew making a lot of money was more than necessary. Today I am blessed to say that I am well on the way to living out my dreams in full thanks to the laptop lifestyle! My only regret? Not starting sooner. Click here to start your website today!

Need a Laptop To Get Started?

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Wishing you success and happiness,