Know Your Worth Music Video Out Now!

“Know Your Worth” is dedicated to the youth and mental health awareness. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who donated time and money to make this production a reality. Thank you Brandon Rufer, Leslie Sussana, and Aundrae Black for all of your dedication, hard work, and support along this journey.

Mantra Lyrics:

I am worthy of my love
I am one with mother earth
I have a purpose to fulfill
There was a reason for my birth
I am more than just a body
I am strong in every senseI leave the past in the past
I live in the momentI overcome my obstacles
I am brave, I’m a fighter
I let go of all the pain
It lifts me higher

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Directors / Videographers:
Jasmin Rhia
Chelsea Craig
Lee Byno (ARThentic Me)
Aundrae Black (Memberz Only)
Khat Patrong
Jack Edwards
Ryan Handley

Editor: Jasmin Rhia

Stylist: Ziggy Moon

Extras/ Poster Designers:

Aaria, Chef Cam, Eastside Remedi, Katie Seymour, Kayla Sterling, Michael Fitz, Monique (MHAO), Nejii, Queens Of Kulture Inc., Ria V, Rondo, Saleam Bey, Shai, Shree, Tamara Walden, Ziggy Moon, Zoe, UCF’s Black Student Union, This Is My Brave Orlando Cast 2019

Composer: Jasmin Rhia
Songwriter: Jasmin Rhia
Audio Engineer: Ivan Calderon

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