Musical Mental Health Workshop (Virtual)


My name is Jasmin Rhia and I’m a musician, mental health activist, and teacher from Atlanta, GA. I perform live motivational concerts and workshops centered around leadership, self-care, and mental health awareness. My passion is mentoring our youth on how to strive for greatness while keeping their health a top priority. Music reaches all kids, including those who are often the least engaged. During my workshop I discuss the power of words and how the music we listen to has a direct affect on how we feel. We do an exercise with positive affirmations and produce a beat from scratch.
Some of the lessons students take away from my workshop is how to increase their self-esteem, how to gain a winning work ethic, and how to handle bullying and peer pressure. They also learn how to block distractions, manage stress, defeat depression, and handle toxic home life. Aside from understanding their worth, students will gain the tools necessary to follow their dreams while handling life’s trials and tribulations.
To learn more about me as an Artist, feel free to read my cover story in the West Orange Times & Observer by clicking hereTo understand more on why mental health education is crucial please visit here.


Supplies Needed:

-1 sheet Of Paper Per Person
-Pencil, pen, markers, stickers, etc.
-Rubber band or staples to group Positive Affirmation Cards


Double click the downloaded file. Watch the video and follow along. For examples of positive affirmations here are the lyrics to my song “Know Your Worth

I am worthy of my love
I am one with mother earth
I have a purpose to fulfill
There was a reason for my birth
I am more than just a body
I am strong in every sense
I leave the past in the past
I live in the moment
I overcome my obstacles
I am brave, I’m a fighter
I let go of all the pain


Peace, love, and light,

~Jasmin Rhia


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